about founder

About the Founder

Edwin J. Nichols, PhD., is a Clinical/Industrial Psychologist, working in Organization Development. He is Director of Nichols and Associates, Inc., an applied behavioral science firm. The goal is to restructure organizations to achieve systemic congruence in process through cultural competence in leadership. An assessment of corporate systems and structures is made to achieve systemic congruence within the organization. An evaluation of corporate staff and their management styles are examined to ascertain cultural competence to enhance leadership capacity. Dr. Nichols’ hallmark paradigm: The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference affords insights into the essence of ethnic difference from the philosophical disciplines of Axiology, Epistemology, and Logic. The awareness of self and others facilitates cultural competence in leadership, which affords the full utilization of their multiethnic, pluralistic and linguistically diverse workforce. This 21st Century team orientated workforce is the value added; it restores the competitive edge and increases the market share.  He has provided these services to Fortune 500 corporations, foreign governments, national government agencies, parastatals, associations, health and mental health systems.

International Organization Development consultation has been to the British Commonwealth of Nations’ Centre for Management Development in Canada, Guyana, Nigeria, Singapore and the United Kingdom.  Other foreign engagements include Germany, Austria, Switzerland; Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Venezuela; Japan, Malaysia and China.. Dr. Nichols offers Executive Coaching per the German model of Kretschmer and the Austrian model of Kohler.                   

Dr. Nichols was educated at Assumption College, Windsor/Canada; Eberhardt-Karls Universität, Tübingen/Germany; Leopold-Franzens Universität, Innsbruck/Austria where he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Psychiatry, cum laude

Dr. Nichols served in the Army during the Korean War.  He has two adult children and two grandchildren.