Nichols and Associates, Inc...
an applied behavioral science firm based in Washington, DC. For the last twenty plus years, our firm has specialized in preparing organizations to meet the challenges of global competition for economic survival.

The 21st Century requires organizational change to a horizontal and flat-based structure. Systemic Congruence is the multileveled systems approach that affords efficiency and effectiveness for that structure. Therefore, employee teams become the new unit of production.

The United States is a multi-ethnic, pluralistic and linguistically diverse society. This makes Cultural Competence in Leadership a critical tool for corporations and organizations to retain skilled teams while maximizing organizational performance.


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Based on the most current applied behavioral science research and more than twenty years of cumulative consultation data, our firm provides customized solutions in the areas of:

Effective global leadership
• Executive development and coaching
• Assessment/evaluation of corporate
  culture – Strategic planning and  implementation
• Systemic change in the
  organizational structure
• Education in cultural competence

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Global Expertise

In the last twenty years, Nichols and Associates, Inc. has been privileged to partner with major corporations, governments, municipalities and other organizations to empower their success.

Below is a sample of clients we have been honored to work with:

• Monsanto Corporation

• Procter and Gamble

• Shell Oil

• World Bank, U.S.


• British Commonwealth of Nations Center for Mgt.
Development: Canada, Ghana, Guyana, and Nigeria

• U.S. Army Ministry of Education, Peoples' Republic of China

• Texas Instruments, Inc.


• Capital One
• Navaho Nation, Conference of Elders, New Mexico

• Wisconsin Power & Light

• Lucent Technology

• National Institutes of Health Nat'l Mental Health Associations

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Case 1 - Port Authority


Case 2 - MACC