Police Training with Community Leaders in Cultural Competence for Enhanced Community Relations is a two-day interactive workshop. Participants are Law Enforcement Officials that formulate policy; Police Officers that daily patrol the community and Identified Community leaders.

Bring together Law Enforcement Officers and Community Leaders in
an atmosphere of mutual respect to gain understanding and trust.

Create a learning environment to affect Cultural Competence, because Police Officers serve in multiethnic, pluralistic and linguistically diverse communities.

Develop a plan of action to enhance community relations, to de-escalate potential violence, to secure safe communities for both residents and police.

Day One

Every coin has two sides! Cultural Competence sees both.

What baggage do police and community bring to the table?
Fables, myths, lies, issues, experiences, facts, statistics, and the truth!

What neurophysiological changes take place in me when confronted with situations that evoke fear and anger responses? How does this affect my behavior and escalate violent confrontation?

How do my cultural biases, media socialization, and historical referent, affect my perception of others?
Social Psychological Research: Societal response to images of black men.

What is important for me to know about others and myself?
The essence of ethnic difference: The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference


Day Two

It takes a village to raise a child. True, but it takes astute police and responsible community leadership to keep the child safe in the village.

What is the responsibility of police in the community?
What is the nature of police training and how does it affect their behavior?

What are the experiences and interactions of the community with police?
What behaviors de-escalate a potentially violent confrontation?

Tools for cooperative behavior between police and community to mitigate:

Criminal Behavior: Robbery, burglary, drugs, shootings, killings, and sexual abuse.
Terrorist Threat: Detection of The Lone Wolf type shooter or bomber.
Mental Illness: Appropriate interaction between police and the disturbed patient.

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